Know the Law

Sometimes folks come to us after they have pled guilty and tell us, “well, I just paid a fine and court costs and I thought it went away, no big deal.” Then they’re shocked to find out it is a big deal and it will follow them the rest of their lives.

know your legal rightsIf you plead guilty to a criminal charge, you risk consequences that will have far reaching effects on your life and they can never be reversed.

For Instance, Did you know that if you’re convicted of a criminal offense, it could:

  • stop you from qualifying for certain state and federal benefits and programs
  • stop you from getting educational or student loans
  • stop you from joining or enlisting in the military
  • stop you from getting a professional or vocational license, anything from being a barber or truck driver to a teacher, lawyer or nurse.
  • hurt or limit your job opportunities

~ Did You Know that if you’re convicted of Assault with Bodily Injury on a Family Member (domestic violence), you can never own, possess or transport a firearm or other ammunition?

~ Did You Know that if you’re convicted of shoplifting (theft of property), you cannot qualify for a student loan?

~ Did You Know that your driver’s license will automatically be suspended after you’re arrested for DWI and before you even go to court?  But did you know that there is a way to delay or even stop that from happening?

~ Did You Know that if you’re convicted of DWI, you’ll lose your driver’s license for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years?

~ Did You Know that if you’re convicted of DWI, you’ll have to pay anywhere from $1000 to $3000 per year – every year – for 3 years – if you ever want to drive legally again in Texas? And that’s in addition to paying fines and court costs.

Certain crimes in Texas are categorized as “crimes of moral turpitude”, that means if you’re convicted you will always be labeled as a liar, thief, or sexual deviant. Those crimes include some offenses that most might consider minor such as writing a bad check or shoplifting, but it also includes: making a false report to a police officer, indecent exposure, sexual assault, and others.

DON’T take the risk.

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