Our Staff

Linda Galvan, Certified Forensic Nurse and Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

Ms. Linda Galvan Galvan’s professional credentials and experience span 48 years and are extraordinary:

  • Member International Association Forensic Nurses and American College Forensic Examiners International;
  • Published articles on Domestic Violence and Strangulation for Journal of Forensic Research and Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education;
  • Certified Forensic Nurse obtained from University of California Riverside;
  • Nationally Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner/ Adult and Adolescence obtained from International Association of Forensic Nurses;
  • Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Adult and Pediatric obtained from Office of Attorney General Texas
  • Registered Nurse for 48 years, specializing in Trauma and Emergency Care;
  • Committee Texas Governor’s EMS Trauma Advisory Committee on Injury Prevention;
  • Board Director’s Texas Association against Sexual Assault;
  • Expert Consultant in Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Child and Elder Abuse, Strangulation;
  • Member Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice National Honor Society, Phi Sigma Chapter; and
  • Nursing Excellence Award St David’s Round Rock Medical Center, care, and treatment of Sexual Assault Victims.
  • IV League Education

Chassid A. Mitch`l, Private Investigator

Mr. Chassid Mitch’l has over 20 years’ experience in investigation, anti-Chass Mitch'lterrorism force protection, and security industry, both in the public and private sectors.  Mr. Mitch’l is the owner and operator of Global Investigations licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety / Private Security Bureau.  With a staff of seasoned investigators and linguists, collectively they bring together an impressive level of real world experiences in criminal, civil and general investigation, as well as in specifically executing complex private investigations.

Mr. Mitch’l has a proven track record of investigative and leadership success in the areas of Criminal Investigations, Civil Investigations, Organized Crime Investigations, Identity Theft Investigations, Missing Persons Investigations, Undercover Investigations, Surveillance, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and as a Defensive Tactics Instructor.

Mr. Mitch’l also served honorably in the U.S. Air Force.  Mr. Mitch’l has developed and maintains extensive liaison with various county, state, federal agencies as well as with foreign governments.

Teresa Stubblefield, Paralegal, and Investigator.

Teresa has been part of our team for Investigator Teresa Stubblefield12 years. Before joining our team, Teresa worked in a central Texas County Probation Department.

Over the years, Teresa has acquired a vast working knowledge of criminal law and she has honed her skills as a pretty savvy investigator. If it can be found on social media or on the internet, Teresa will find it. Teresa has unearthed evidence that has gotten a case dismissed on many occasions. She has proven herself to be a huge asset to the team.

Additional Resources. 

We also work with psychologists, arson investigators and polygraph examiners. A successful polygraph exam could get help to get your case dismissed. A psychological exam followed by the psychologist’s testimony to the Judge explaining mitigating circumstances and the low risk of re-offending could keep you out of prison.

But our experts cannot guarantee a particular outcome in your case. Their opinion is not for sale. Our experts are professionals who assist us in evaluating the evidence, witnesses, and law enforcement practices so we can do our best to get your case dismissed or win it at trial or keep you out of jail.

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